Discussion starter pamphlets

Discussion starter pamphlets

UU A Way Of Life ministries has published a series of "discussion starter" pamphlets which are available for your personal and/or group use.

These pamplets are useful to facilitate a discussion on spiritual topics. They are sold individually and in bulk. Individual copies are sold for $2.00 which includes shipping and handling USPS. Bulk orders are sold for 10 copies for $15.00 including shipping and handling USPS.

To obtain copies, send your postal mailing address either by email or by postal mail to 

davidgmarkham@gmail.com or

David G. Markham
58 Market Street
Brockport, NY 14420

Our phone number is 585-637-0040.

Let us know what titles you would like and the number of copies. Payment can be made through PayPal found on the web page or by check payable to David G. Markham or we will send your order and bill you.

Titles available

Discerning God's Will For Us and Our Lives
     How have you gone about deciding what to do when you have been faced with tough decisions in your life?

Kindness Is The Measure Of A Person
     What do you think of the idea that "kind" and "nice" are not the same thing? Are there times when you have been nice but not necessarily kind, and kind but not necessarily nice?

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