Pen Pal Program

 Pen Pal correspondents list.

The pen pal program of UU A Way Of Life is intended to facilitate the connection between people who are interested in a snail mail correspondence relationship. This program is an application of UUs third principle which is to affirm and promote the acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth.

If you are interested in joining the pen pal program please send an email to me, David G. Markham, at stating your age, name, address, and a sentence or two about your reasons for wanting to correspond with others by snail mail. If there are other biographical details such as hobbies, interests, career interest, etc. you would like to publicly share in a short profile along with your address please include this information as well.

An applicant need not be a Unitarian Universalist.

If you receive correspondence from somewhat reaching out, please send a response that the communication was received even if you decide you want no further correspondence.


  1. Addresses for people under 18 will not be listed here.
  2. This is not a dating site. Please do not use it for seeking romantic relationships.
  3. All correspondence is to be civil. No vulgar, obscene, and demeaning language is to be used.
  4. Complaints can be made to me, David G. Markham, at
  5. If the offense warrants the person's name and address will be removed from this list.

People seeking pen pals listed in order of date of application.

David G. Markham
229 Dunbar Rd.
Hilton, NY 14468

Single, 75, Social Worker, 9 adult children, 15 grandchildren, 15 year member of UU after being raised as a Roman Catholic. Student of A Course In Miracles. Considers himself interreligious at this point. Likes to read, watch movies, garden, feed the birds, write on his blogs. Intested in any number of topics that a correspondent would like to share.


Verne McCue
706 S G Street
Marion IN 46953

I would like to communicate with others on a similar spiritual journey.

44, Consultant, questioning many of the values I grew up with, married, 2 children


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