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Saturday, September 20, 2014

People's Climate March in New York City and around the world on Sunday, 09/21/14


I can't believe the People's Climate March is less than 48 hours away. And I can tell you, without a doubt, that it's going to be absolutely beautiful on a scale that we've never seen before.

These numbers don't tell the whole story, but they definitely give you an idea of what's coming on Sunday:
2,100: The number of People's Climate events taking place this weekend in over 160 countries around the world -- this is part of something truly global.

1,500: Partner organizations officially supporting the march -- and it's still growing!

1,000: Artists who have been hard at work for months making absolutely stunning materials for the march using more than 100 gallons of paint, 350 yards of posterboard, 13 parachutes, and miles of cardboard tubes (because no one is allowed to use wood in the march - NYPD rules).

500: Buses coming from across the country. Lined up end to end that's more than twice the width of Manhattan at its widest point - and they're carrying 25,000 people to the march.

475: The number of volunteers we have to help support the march this weekend as greeters and march marshals -- but we still need 200 more! Click here to sign up to volunteer, and we'll get you oriented ASAP.

362: The number of college campuses where students are organizing to turn out for this march in huge numbers. Young people will not accept a future ravaged by climate change.

300: The length in feet of a single banner in the march. It might just be the biggest climate banner ever (at least that I've seen - you can find it in the "We Know Who's Responsible" theme).

125: World leaders planning to attend the climate leadership summit on Tuesday -- more than at any previous climate summit or negotiation. Let's send them to the negotiating table with the sound of a enormous movement ringing in their ears.

82: The expected temperature on Sunday. That's beautiful weather to make history in.

29: The number of marching bands that will be making sure this march has a beat. And that's not counting the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 3 bagpipers.

26: The number of city blocks being blocked off for this march to lineup - check out the lineup here and find your people. Or just show up at 86th St and Central Park West at 11 AM.

5: How many friends you should bring (or at least forward this email to) - because to change everything it takes everyone.

1: Planets we have. Which means we also only have one shot to get this right.

0: The amount of progress we'll make if we stay home. We don't know that this will work - but we do know that if we stay home, the only thing that's going to change is the climate.

 This is going to be huge.
-YJ Cho and everyone working on the People's Climate March

Editor's note:

If any UUs go, please give us a report of your experience here at UU A Way Of Life, please. Leave it in the comments or send it to me at and I will publish it as a separate article with your permission.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Climate disruption will hit the poor first and the hardest. Are we ready?

Disruption - Official Trailer from Watch Disruption on Vimeo.

What will we as Unitarian Universalists do to help when the climate disruption hits the poor first and the hardest? Are we ready? How can we prepare?

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Rising ocean levels - new NASA data

I have mentioned on UU A Way Of Life in previous articles as we have read Flight Behavior in July, and The Green Boat in August, that the sea levels on the Eastern seabord are rising rapidly. His is a segment from Thom Hartman published on 07/31/14.

How will this affect our UU churches in New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Florida, etc.?
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