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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Oh ye of little faith and the UU sixth principle.

Kevin, you asked about the goodness of God and that, because of what has happened in your life, you have given up your faith.

Happens a lot. People get mad at God for the stuff that happens.

Got to blame somebody. God becomes the punching bag, the whipping post, the scapegoat.

Don't worry. God has big shoulders. He just laughs at the absurdity of your blaming Him for stuff we humans do or nature does.

The bigger problem is not the stuff that happened or is happening, but your faithlessness.

Faithlessness is generated by misunderstanding the spiritual plane and the workings of the real world as compared to the drama of our ego plane.

The thing to remember is that God, Love, is always there for us beneath the drama but the drama blocks our awareness of Love's presence. We get caught up in, and sometimes overwhelmed by, the drama.

The bumper sticker reads, "Shit happens," and I always like the old saying that "There's always something."

Indeed there is. No reason to give up your faith. Give up, instead, your belief that God is a puppeteer and micromanages our nonsense. Stay focused, if you can, on our UU 6th prinicple which is the goal of world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all. In is in this principle that we can put our faith in even though, at times, the achievement and existence of this seems impossible.

As we said to one another in the 60s, "Keep the faith!"


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