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Sunday, January 3, 2021

Mystic Circle of Unitarian Universalists - Meditate every day


What's been your experience with mediation? There are many ways to do it. What works for you?

Join our mystic circle of Unitarian Universalists discussion group  to share your experience and learn about the experience of others.

Saturday, January 2, 2021

Seven Female Mystics presentation, Sunday, 01/03/21, 6:30 PM EST


Mystic Circle of Unitarian Universalists - Plan for 52 week curriculum for novitiates


Topic Five

The plan for the 52 week curriculum of discernment for the novitiate of the Mystic Circle of Unitarian Universalism

The curriculum for the novitiate for the Mystic Circle of Unitarian Universalism lasts for 52 weeks. The week begins on Sunday. The first Sunday of 2021 is January 3 and this marks the beginning of the first week.

Each week we will cover seven areas of study: 

  1. Key concepts and terms which will constitute our glossary.

  2. Practices and skills which an be explored and experimented with.

  3. Values clarification - What matters most in the development of a spiritual life.

  4. Review and reflection on key texts which elucidate the spiritual life.

  5. Identification and description of experts who have gained a reputation as mystics and teachers.

  6. Evaluation and assessment of progress

  7. Review and summary of week’s activity

Join our Mystic Circle of Unitarian Universalists Discussion Group. We currently have 4 members and would like to have 10 by the end of January 2021. Anyone interested in exploring the novitiate is welcome to join. There is no obligation. At the end of the program, the participant can apply for admission to the Mystic Circle of Unitarian Universalists if they feel called to this vocation.

Friday, January 1, 2021

Mystic Circle of Unitarian Universalists - 52 week syllabus

Today, 01/01/21, we begin the year long novitiate for people considering joining the Mystic Circle of Unitarian Universalists. This is a year of discernment. The life of a lay monk is not for everyone. Such a life takes discipline, commitment, and a decision to devote one’s life to the path of the Spirit rather than to the path of the ego. The life of a UU mystic is to be lived and experienced more than just talked about and discussed. The purpose of living such a life is to further develop an awareness of one’s interior spiritual being.

The topics covered in the year long 52 week syllabus are a glossary of terms and concepts, practices, values, experts, and texts. These topic areas will be distributed throughout the 52 weeks.

Materials will include texts, videos, and an online discussion group.

There are no eligibility  criteria to join the novitiate. There are eligibility criteria however for admission to the Mystic Circle of Unitarian Universalists.

Welcome on this journey and join our discussion group to further learn, digest, and apply the ideas, values, and practices of the mystical life.

Join our Mystic Circle of Unitarian Universalists discussion group,


Monday, December 28, 2020

Mystic Circle of Unitarian Universalists novitiate pilot year starting on 01/01/21


The first year of the one year novitiate for novices considering joining the Mystic Circle of Unitarian Universalists will be starting its pilot year on 01/01/21.

This will be a 52 week program. Articles concerning the curriculum will appear here on UU A Way Of Life. Also a discussion group will be formed to provide opportunities for feedback and questions. Comments are always welcome on the blog, but a discussion group will make it possible to discuss topics and ideas in more depth.

Look for more articles in the days and weeks ahead during 2021.

Monday, December 21, 2020

Mystic Circle of Unitarian Universalists - Joining MCUU

Joining MCUU

The MCUU is a lay monastic order of members who commit themselves to the covenant with others to live their lives according to the mystic order of Unitarian Universalists rule. This a peaceful and joyous life but does require discipline,

In order to join the Mystical Circle of Unitarian Universalists a novice  must go through a year of preparation before they take their vows to their Transcendent Source to live in accordance with the MCUU rule.

The basic requirements are that the member engage in
  1.  daily meditation upon waking and before nighttime sleep of 5 minutes of meditation
  2. 15 minutes of spiritual reading per day
  3. 1 act of intentional kindness per day.
  4. daily review of three good things and reporting in a diary and/or to another human being.
  5. 1 hour of worship per week, preferable on Sunday
  6. 1 15 minute meeting with a spiritual director per week.

Perfect adherence to these practices is not necessary but engagement when possible is encouraged.

Other practices such as a “day of recollection” usually held on the last Friday of the month, and two 3 day retreats, one in the spring and one in the fall, are also recommended.

The novice is to meet with their spiritual director at least once per week to review their experience with these practices.

At the end of a year the novice and the spiritual director will decide if the novice desires and is ready to take solemn vows to become a permanent member of the Mystic Circle of Unitarian Universalists. If the decision is made to take permanent vows the application will be made for approval to the MCUU executive committee. If approved, an induction ceremony will be planned and implemented.

After induction in the Mystic Circle of Unitarian Univeralists it is expected that the member will contribute to the nurturance of the spiritual development of the members of the MCUU.

Sunday, December 20, 2020

The Mystic Circle of Unitarian Universalists - What is mysticism?

Topic Two
What is mysticism?

“Mysticism is the belief that union with or absorption into the Deity or the absolute, or the spiritual apprehension of knowledge inaccessible to the intellect, may be attained through contemplation and self-surrender.” 
Dictionary definition

Mysticism is the awareness of the world of the Spirit, Oneness, as compared to the world the ego, separateness.
David Markham

The most beautiful and profound emotion we can experience is the mystical. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead. To know that what is impenetrable to us really exists . . . is at the center of true religion. 
Albert Einstein

Mysticism is the pursuit of a spiritual and intangible quest; 
the finding of a “way out” of illusion or a “way back” to 
absolute truth. It is an intimate personal adventure. Mysticism 
is the art of arts. It is the most romantic of adventures.
Evelyn Underhill, Mysticism

The part of your mind in which truth abides is in constant 
communication with God, whether you are aware of it or not.
A Course In Miracles,  W–49.1:2

As we create and develop the Mystic Circle of Unitarian Universalists we first must have some basic understanding of what mysticism is and who a mystic might be.

The mystic is who Evelyn Underhill refers to as a person engaged in spiritual adventure to realize the nature of oneself and to return home consciously to that from which one has separated.

The first step on a mystical spiritual path is to undo the conditioning of the ego. This takes forgiveness and purification. The second step on the mystical spiritual path is loving kindness towards oneself and others and all of creation.

The key to the mystical life is intention, a conscious decision to forgo one’s willfulness for willingness to align oneself with one’s apprehension of their Transcendent Source. This requires daily practice.

The mystical circle of Unitarian Universalists is a covenantal organization of committed individuals to pursue a spiritual path on a daily and even hourly basis. It is embarking on a way of life which is based on Love and which results in peace and joy within people in a morphogenic field which has influence far beyond its center.

To learn more continue to follow the articles on the Mystic Circle of Unitarian Universalists.

Saturday, December 19, 2020

The Mystic Circle of Unitarian Universalists - Announcement of formation

There is a new organization forming called “The Mystic Circle of Unitarian Universalists” whose mission it is to facilitate awareness of holiness (wholeness) of its members and to sanctify the world.

The Mystic Circle of Unitarian Universalists will nurture the spiritual development of its members and function as a source of spiritual psychic energy throughout the world.

Membership in the Mystic Circle requires devotion and commitment to affirm and promote UUs seven principles by making them a center piece in organizing one’s life and interacting with the world.

For further information about MCUU see future articles on UU A Way Of Life.

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