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Sunday, May 10, 2020

When religion fails us on Mother's Day.

12 Over-the-Top Facts About Mommie Dearest | Mental Floss

The pastor went on gushing about mothers and their goodness and our gratitude and so forth. I left the service. Couldn't stomach any more.

Since when has religious worship become a Hallmark production?

The sentimentality can be repulsive.

Motherhood is often full of neglect, abuse, and trauma that lasts a life time.

The abuse and trauma sometimes begins with abortion and if not abortion then abandonment and rejection and if not abandonment and rejection, then torment, exploitation and abuse both physical and mental and emotional.

Religion should help us face up to the hard realities of life.

Religion too often fails and its failure to validate and affirm a person's deeper experiences of wounds and injuries only deepens the wounds and adds to confusion, guilt, and shame.

Mother's Day has become commercialized and in doing so artificially contrived.

Every day should be Mother's Day. If so, it there would no need to comparmentalize it and guilt people into commerically "celebrating" it.

When churches pile on and try to get into the act, it is antithetical to their function and covenant to affirm and promote the inherent worth and dignity of every person every day of the year.

Religion is to provide solace to the wounded and help them learn how to forgive, but what isn't named can't be forgiven. True religion would be more helpful if it gave us words for the turth.
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