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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Time is horizontal. Eternity is vertical.

Osho teaches, 

"Time is that in which we live - it is horizontal. It is from A to B to C to D; it is in a line. Eternity is vertical. It is not from A to B and from B to C. It is from A to more A to still more A. It goes upward. The moment is rare when eternity penetrates time, because it happens only when meditation has reached ripening, maturity, when you have touched your innermost core." 

Osho, Maturity: The Responsibility Of Being Oneself, p. 85

We say, "It was like time stood still." "I lost track of time." "Time goes so fast." "Where did the time go."

In A Course In Miracles, the taste of eternity is called "The Holy Instant."

Psychologists call it "flow."

Osho calls it "meditation."

In the 60s we called it "cosmic consciousness."

Unfortunately, Unitarian Univeralism doesn't have a word for it although the transcendentalists allude to it with Emerson calling it the "oversoul."

In our modern scientific understanding, we call it a hologram which is similar to a mobius strip.
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