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Sunday, July 8, 2018

What is the path to peace?

Do Unitarian Universalists want peace? It is mentioned in the sixth principle as "the goal of world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all." The way the principle is worded would make one think of political peace more than spiritual peace.

Catholics make a big deal out of spiritual peace asking worshippers to extend to one another the wish for peace during their worship services and ritually say, "Pax vobiscum," peace be with you during their liturgies.

Peace is considered in the perennial psychology as a major sign of spiritual attainment. It is inner peace that is being referred to however.

The third step of the twelve step program for people in recovery is to make a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understand God.

This decision to "turn it over" comes after the dawning that there must be a better way. This turning initiates the search. What is that better way? What does it look like? How can I stay on the right track and not get lost again? Are there trail markers I should look for or am I to blaze the trail all on my own only following an intuitive compass that points at God's will for me?

What are the differences I should be alert to to discern the differences between the path of the ego and the path of the spirit?

The two biggest trail markers on the path of the spirit are: What is the loving thing? and Will this bring us peace? Notice the word "us". What will bring "us" peace includes "me" but not "me" alone. My relationships with others must be brought into consideration as well.

The body is the not the temple of the Holy Spirit as so many of us have been incorrectly taught. The temple of the Holy Spirit is in relationships. Remember the Jesus said, "Where two or more are gathered in my name, there I will be." Jesus was referring to the Divine when He said "I" not his personification.

Giving up our ego is a scary thing. We feel like we are giving up control, and indeed, we are intentionally giving up control, and turning it over to the Divine. We come to not only learn that we are not in control of the universe but we gladly give up the fantasy and illusion.

Let it go. There are far greater things going on than we could ever understand. Give up our attempts to control every thing. As they say in AA, "Let go and let God."

A genuine surrender is the path to peace.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Finding peace

Unitarian Universalists don't seem to value inner peace like Roman Catholics do. Catholics are always talking about it, "Peace be with you," "and with you as well." At every mass there is a part of the worship service where after the recitation of the Our Father the congregation is asked to exchange a "sign of peace." To bad this isn't a part of our UU worship services. UUs seem more focused on rectifying social justice issues than they are helping people come to inner peace.

When one turns off the path of the ego onto the path of the spirit, the person begins seeking. The person is looking for something, something which the person cannot even name. It is a yearning which comes from deep within. People often complain, at this stage, of depression and anxiety. If they seek help, it is often first with a medical doctor who will prescribe medication. The doctor will tell the person that they are suffering from depression or an anxiety disorder. They are experiencing symptoms of depression and anxiety, but from where does the depression and anxiety come? It is often what is called "existential anxiety." The person has lost their way. If the person is fortunate, it may be suggested that psychotherapy can help.

When the person goes for psychotherapy whether it is to a mental health professional, or a cleric, or a friend, the person becomes a student. The person is browsing, looking for someone or something that can answer their question, "what is wrong with me?" Assessments will be done, diagnoses will be given, suggestions will be made. If any of this makes sense, the person becomes a participant. They are no longer browsing, now they have become engaged in the process. As the process unfolds the person becomes a client, a member of the congregation, a best friend.

There is a trust between the seeker and the therapist, the mentor, the best friend. Jesus said that where two or more are gathered in my name, there I will be. Jesus was referring to the Divine. Jesus is a manifestation of the Divine. We all are manifestations of the Divine whether we are consciously aware of it or not. Jesus is saying that where two or more people are gathered together aware of seeking the Divine, the Divine will be there.

I was taught that my body is the "temple of the Holy Spirit." This isn't correct. My relationships are the temple of the holy spirit if I am aware and call upon them to be. Are your relationships  the temple of the Ego or the temple of the Holy Spirit? Your choice. Your decision.

The search will take one to various experiences, and these various experiences may lead to choosing one for deeper development, and then we make a commitment to further engagement and involvement. This commitment leads to an experience of coming home which is fulfilling. This fulfillment is known by the peace that comes to us.

Pax vobiscum.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Peace comes from surrendering to the Love of the Divine

Most Unitarian Universalists have control issues. They have been called heretics and rebels because they don't like authority. UUs want to be the boss of themselves and don't like clerical authority of any kind. Consequently, UUs have difficulty finding the peace that is not of this world because they find it difficult to surrender, to give up control.

What is the peace that is not of this world? What is the peace that goes beyond all understanding?

This peace comes from the awareness that nothing real can be threatened and die.

It follows that nothing unreal exists.

This understanding, my friends, is the peace of God which is beyond all understanding and is not of this world, meaning not on the path of the ego.

The basic doctrine of Buddhism is based on the idea of anica or impermanence. The only thing unchanging on the path of the ego is that all things change, and change continually. In physics this is called the law of entropy.

Buddhism teaches that attachment causes suffering because we will lose on the path of the ego whatever we become attached to.

This suffering is the opposite of the peace we seek.

If all things on the path of the ego change and bring us suffering if we become attached to them, where then does peace abide?

Peace abides in the Love of God. This peace is manifested in Loving Kindness which flows from forgiveness and gratitude.

So if you would have peace that is not of this world, forgive yourself and others who cling to the path of the ego, and encourage yourself and others to surrender themselves to the Love of the Divine.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Peace in the here and now

Unitarian Universalists covenant together to affirm and promote the responsible search for truth and meaning, but where does the truth lie in a sea of illusions?

Have you ever noticed how questions presume an answer in the very question? "Do you love me?" is filled with doubt or the question would not even be considered and asked. This type of question in A Course In Miracles is called a "double question." In psychology it is called a double bind. If the person says "Yes," the questioner thinks, even if the questioner does not say it, "No you don't." If the person says "No," the person is blamed for withholding their love from the questioner. Damned if you do, damned if you don't, and a hell is created for both parties.

And so it goes...........

To be caught in the binaries of these kinds of questions is a hell of our own making for we are being forced to chose among illusions. Human beings have separated themselves from the Oneness and walk the path of the ego. The path of the ego is the path to hell.

The path of the spirit offers us another reality. The path of the spirit recognizes and acknowledges the binaries of the path of the ego and simply chose not to play the game. The path of the spirit is to rest in the peace of the Oneness and not chose between separate illusions. This rest comes from forgiveness. It says in answer to the question, "Do you love me?", "Things are okay. Things will be all right. Let us just sit together and relax."

Insecurity is a form of fear which must be named to be managed, and well managed,
peace can arrive.
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