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Friday, May 14, 2010

Will UUs stand up in the face of fascism?

The more I have read and thought about the Arizona anti-immigrant law the more outraged I become.

Supposing Arizona passed a law that all Jews had to wear a yellow star of David on their outer clothing to identify themselves as Jewish and they would be subject to detainment, interrogation, possible arrest, and deportation to Israel. Would you support such a law? Would you want to go visit in Arizona? Would you want to go visit in Arizona if you were Jewish? Would you want to do business there and support the businesses based in Arizona?

If you were a member of a UUA church would you debate whether the GA should hold its meeting there in 2012? Supposing there were already deposits on hotels and catering and you were worried that if you canceled you wouldn't get your money back?

Supposing Mississippi decided to re institute its segregation laws and African Americans couldn't eat in the white section of restaurants, and had to ride in the back of the bus, and could only live in certain areas of the state? Supposing African Americans in Mississippi were subject to being detained, interrogated, arrested, and deported back to Africa because the white majority voted in a law that said that they didn't want African Americans in Mississippi. Suppose people said that it should be an individual choice and that people shouldn't boycott Mississippi businesses or not visit there especially when they treat whites like gold?

Let me be blunt - there is sick shit going on in America these days. We have been slipping down the slippery slope for some time now with the Lou Dobbs, and Sean Hannity's, and Michael Savage's, and Bill O'Reily's, and Rush Limbaugh's pumping hate messages into our public consciousnesses. Given the high unemployment, lack of health care, deplorable government schools, corruption of once revered institutions like the Catholic church, we are on the fault line of fascism in this country. One of the few things between sanity and irrational delusional dictatorship is Unitarian Universalism.

Unitarian Universalism provides the values, the history, the traditions of social institution which values the inherent worth and dignity of all people, social justice and compassion, the interdependent web of all existence, and the promotion of democratic processes in our social institutions. But we are a small voice of only 150,000 out of 300 million. Our voice can be considered anemic and feeble and yet we are the salt of the earth, the yeast in the dough, the conscience of the world.

Will UUs stand strong and assertively in the face of fascistic, demagoguery?

It is my prayer.

UUs in Arizona protest anti-immigration law.

I am very happy to see the article on the UUA web site about the UUs in Arizona who protest the anti-immigration law. It is well worth reading which you can do by clicking here.
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