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Sunday, May 24, 2020

Are We All Soliders Now? by Rev. Dr. Marlin Lavanhar

America is standing at a moral crossroads. Many people are likening this pandemic to a war. That analogy is highly problematic. The idea that we, as citizens, are soldiers who should follow the commands of our politicians is troubling. Our current leaders do not have the capacity or character to make the kinds of life and death decisions that we are being called upon, as a nation, to make at this


Rev. Dr. Marlin Lavanhar is a prophetic voice in these turbulent and stressful times.

Rev. Dr. Marlin Lavanhar cuts through the nonsense, the insanity, what in more vulgar and impolite society is called "bull shit."

Rev. Dr. Marlin Lavanhar teaches that the war metaphor is highly problematic when dealing with a public health, economic, and social crisis. We are not fighting a war where national lines are drawn and there are good guys and bad guys and where nationalistic security and pride are at stake.

There is a moral revolution under way where we can choose to value the sanctity of every life and work together in solidatiry on the whole planet for the mutual welfare of what Christians call, "The Body of Christ," the "community of saints, and Unitarian Universalists call the interdependent web of all existence."

Just when my faith in Unitarian Univeralism flags because of the insipid sermons full of psychobabble and sentimental cliches, my faith is reinvigorated with a teaching touching on the real deal.
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