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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Quote of the day - UUs small tent and a dying denomination

 Unitarian Universalism is not a big tent but extremely small and generates resentment and animosity from those it treats with contempt and disdain. This situation has existed for decades because of the lack of leadership which has been obsequious to mob rule. This is not democracy but a form of nihilistic narcissism which promotes the idea that there is no truth and everyone’s opinion is as good as everyone else’s opinion as long as it agrees with mine. This level of group consciousness is egocentric and sociocentric and fails to evolve to a more world centric and integral understanding. 

David Markham, Book Notes - The Gadfly Papers by Todd Eklof

Editor's note: The idea that there is no truth and the lack of a meta narrative which provides a frame of reference for understanding leaves Unitarian Universalism empty, ambiguous, and with no substance. There is no theology but a nihilism perpetuated with psychobabble that leaves a seeker with no frame of reference within which to guide the seeker's spiritual search. Where are the contemporary UU theologians and thought leaders?

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Quote of the day - UU and self righteous indignation

 "Many people have walked away disgusted from Unitarian Universalism because of the self righteous indignation expressed by those in power to silence those with whom they disagree. This is one reason that congregations and the denomination remains so small and has little influence in the broader society."

Editor's note: Common complaints heard about UU is that it is too intellectual, it relies on psychobabble, that the people don't seem to love but want to argue in committees about inconsequential things. With the lack of a common core of understanding about the vision and mission of the faith, the people wander and then fight amongst themselves and then go their separate ways in a huff with disgust never to return. The lack of any central authority which can reconcile disagreements leads to egocentric functioning based on individualistic belief that everyone's preference is as good as everyone else's and thus we observe the modern day version of the Tower of Babel

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Quote of the day - Safetyism

 "Safetyism is the toxic virus which is destroying Unitarian Universalism."

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