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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Modern day heroes - Father Daniel Berrigan

From the This Week In Peace History web site:

February 24, 1972

Daniel Berrigan (one of the "Catonsville 9") was released after 18 months of a three-year term. He went to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where his brother Phil Berrigan was on trial, also for anti-Vietnam War activities [see February 21, 1972].

One of the reasons that I cherish my Roman Catholic background is because of people like Father Daniel Berrigan. He lived the faith and put himself on the line for peace, justice, compassion, and he exercised his right of conscience at a time when our nation was involved in an immoral, and unjust war, Viet Nam.

If we had more Dan Berrigan's we would not have the mess we are living in today.

I am not familiar with Unitarian Universalist war protesters in that time period. I am sure there were some. Can anyone name any? Did any of them make the public witness like Dan Berrigan and his brother, Phil?

Oh, and by the way, I consider Dan Berrigan a Luminary. He certainly has been a Luminary in my life.

This is article #6 in a series on UURC.
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