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Monday, August 6, 2018

What kind of a religion is Unitarian Universalism?

For Unitarian Universalism, the big problem is God.

UUs have made an issue out of not believing in the Trinity of the other Christian denominations.

UUs have made a big issue out of God exuding unconditional love and not judgment and punishment.

UUs, many of them, won't even use the word "God" preferring frothy concepts like "Spirit of Life."

What is the God that UUs do or don't believe in?

UUs leave it up to the individual. UU won't take a stand and position. Essentially UUs say God is whatever you want it to be or even nothing at all.

What kind of religion is this that has nothing to say about God? Isn't defining God one of the elementary functions of religion?

About as close to a concept of God as UUs get is something they name "the interdependent web of all existence."

UUs believe in everything, and anything, and nothing. What a religion.

Unitarian Universalism is way ahead of its time. UU teaches that religion is an experience not a set of beliefs. It tells its members to think whatever they want, UU doesn't really care, but when it comes to experience, UUs want us to love one another and creation, and to enjoy ourselves here on earth as we will surely do in heaven.

Bottom line - Be kind to yourself and others. That's God = Kindness

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