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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Topic seven, "The Three Abrahamic Religions," in Religious Literacy 101 now available.

Topic seven, "The Three Abrahamic Religions," has just been added to the Religious Literacy 101 course. You can check it out for free by clicking here.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Topic five in Relgious Literacy 101: Definitions

Topic 5, Definitions, in the course Religious Literacy 101 has just been made available and you can access it by clicking here.

Leave a response about your thoughts about the definition of religious literacy by clicking the green button below the video or send me a private email at

Please share this information with others by emailing it or posting it to social media. Thanks!

Religious Literacy 101, Course Materials

The fourth topic on our Religious Literacy 101 course has been added describing the course materials. Check it out by clicking here.

Leave a response suggesting other materials or thoughts you have about the materials suggested by clicking on the green button below or sending me an email about your course materials thoughts and suggestions to

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Third class in Religious Literacy 101 about course objectives is now available.

The third class for Religious Literacy 101 about the course objectives is available by clicking here.

People can join the class at any time.

Please watch the video, download a copy of the course objectives, and leave your own objectives, what you want to learn, in the reponse by clicking on the green button with the white + sign.

Also, you can view or print out the course objectives as well.

You can help us at UU A Way Of Life by sharing information about this class with others by emailing this post or posting the information on you social media.


Monday, March 23, 2020

Text for Religious Literacy 101 is Religious Literacy by Stephen Prothero

The mini course, Relgious Literacy 101, is now available. You can access it by pasting this URL in your browser is

The class is free and you can take it at any time. It is designed to last four weeks and will take 1-2 hours per week. You can take it at your own pace at your own convenience.

The text book being used is Religious Literacy: What Every American Needs To Know - and Doesn't by Stephen Prothero. You can buy the book on Amazon or receive a free copy for becoming a Tier 1 patron of UU A Way Of Life by clicking on the orange button in the upper right hand corner which says, "Become a Patron."

Hope to see you in class.

David Markham

Class two of Religious Literacy - What are the benefits of enhancing your religious literacy?

The Religious Literacy 101 mini course started yesterday. You can access the course for free. The course is hosted on Flipgrid.

Class two is on the benefits of relgious literacy. You can go to the course by copying and pasting this URL in your browser

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Relgious Literacy 101 - Join us! Class starting today.

We have started a new class on UU A Way Of Life entitled, "Religious literacy 101" on a learning management software called "Flipgrid." Flipgrid requires no download 0r registration. Simply put the URL in your browser address bar and you will land on the course page. The password is UUAWOL101.

The first class involves a brief introduction: your name, where you are from, and one or more reasons you are interested in religious literacy.

You can watch the video and respond by going here:

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