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Saturday, August 19, 2017

By their intelligence and happiness you will know them.

Bob asked Phil if he thought he was smarter than other people because he claimed he was a Unitarian Universalist.

“Without doubt, “ replied Phil. “UUs have the seven principles and they aren’t for dumb people.”

“Not for dumb people,” asked Bob?

“Right, dumb people aren’t smart enough to understand the higher values which the principles entail. They are still unaware and operate out of a place of self centeredness and fear. It’s like they are stumbling around in the dark,” said Phil.

“Isn’t that view condescending and patronizing,” asked Bob?

“No, It’s the truth meaning that it’s an accurate observation that can be tested,” replied Phil.


“Simple. Just ask  people if they believe in hell and a God who would send a sinner there. Most people would say, ‘yes” and such a belief is counterproductive and antithetical to the magnificence of human potential and the benevolence of a loving creator which has given us Life. Most people live in fear  and shame of being defective and inadequate in some way and it being only a matter of time until their fatal flaw is discovered and they are punished.”

“UUs don’t feel that way too, “ asked Bob?

“Of course not,” said Phil, “not if they’re real UUs.

“Sounds like quite a religion,” said Bob.

“Oh it is,” said Phil. “As I said, ‘UUs are smarter than everyone else.’ UUs are God’s messengers who will save the world.”

“Okay,” said Bob, ‘Maybe I’ll look more into it.”

“Good,” said Phil. “What you will find is that while UUs know they are smarter than other people, they are very compassionate and truly want other people to join them in their joy. You see, UUs are not only smarter than other people, they are happier too.”

“Really?” asked Bob.

“Oh yes,” said Phil, “by their happiness you will know them.”

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