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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Spiritual reading, Ah, This! - How to approach a Master

Osho says in his book, "Ah, this!", "You know how to approach a teacher, you know how to approach a book, you know how to approach dead information, but you don't know how to approach a Master. It is a totally different way of communing. It is not communication, it is communion - because the Master is not a proof but an evidence. He is not an argument for God, he is a witness for God. He does not possess great knowledge about God, he knows. He is not knowledgeable, he simply knows." p.12

In reading this, I have realized my mistake. I go to church and listen to sermons and hope to commune with a Master, and many times I have just left. I can't sit through it. It is agony. I can't bear it.

I look around and some people seem to be listening with rapt attention, and some people seem to be just looking like they are paying attention politely, and some are staring off apparently daydreaming and a few brave ones are asleep.

I, myself, can do none of these things. I was hoping to commune, but there is no communing to be done here, today. So I leave demoralized and wonder why these preachers don't seem to understand this great faith that they are representatives of? You can tell they have never tasted of the ecstatic joy of the Divine. They are simply playing a role to entertain, and perhaps inform, and yam on about the things of the ego to fill up 20 minutes as painlessly as possible.

A person can't share what she doesn't have, can't give something she doesn't possess.

Jesus says in Matthew 7:14, "How narrow the gate and constricted the road that leads to life. There are few who find it."

The UU preachers, themselves, have not searched and found truth and meaning, our fourth principle, and so what do they have to share, to give to others. What is the basis for any communing? Forget the communication, let's consider communing. They, unfortunately, with all their seminary training, their M.Div's and Ph.D.s have not found Life. If anything, their theological training have prevented them from finding Life. Their academic endeavors have been a distraction and a counterfeit attempt to find truth and meaning in their books, and lessons, and scriptures, and religious practices.

Stephen Gaskin said one time that the ultimately the only thing we have to share with another human being is our own state of being.

Are there Masters in the UU tradition? Emerson perhaps?
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