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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Do you believe in magic?

Unitarian Universalists all too often believe in magic.They seem to believe in the power of human beings to shape their own destiny on their own.

UUs eschew authority and while they pay some respect to democracy pretty much want to call their own shots and do their own thing.

This attitude doesn't work very well and Unitarian Universalism is a very small denomination with its numbers dwindling because their basic belief  in their individual magical powers is untenable.

Do you believe in magic?

Indeed you do. We all do. We say to ourselves, "If only I obtained this, had that, or that happened then I would be happy."

We attribute our happiness to external events and circumstances.

When these desired objects and events fail us, we become angry or sad or both.

Sometimes we feel guilty that we wanted to control things and failed.

As the bumper sticker says, "Shit happens," and my favorite, "Mega shit happens."

We find ourselves in a hell of our own creation. We thought we could control things, achieve things, obtain things, make people behave toward us as we desired, expected, demanded. Naaaaaaaah, it doesn't work. How long does it take to realize this?

The locker room slogan says, "Winners never quit and quitters never win." Really?

There is a time to quit. There is a time to find a better way. There is help available.

Turn within and ask the Holy Spirit, Jesus, God, Mother Nature, the Muse, the Universe, Life, to help you. As they say in Alcoholics Anonymous in their twelve step program, "Surrender to you Higher Power, whatever you conceive your Higher Power to be."

As the jokester said, "If God is your co-pilot, you're in the wrong seat."
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