Sunday, November 15, 2009

Acceptance and encouragement of one another

In this thing we call life, the thing we all have in common is that one day we will all cross the finish line.

We Unitarian Universalists believe that we should accept and encourage each other in our life journey and so we encourage each other's spiritual growth in our congregations.

How have you done this?

Many congregations these days offer cheap hope in the form of the Prosperity gospel or in a life after death.

UUs offer hope in helping one another and in telling each other our truth with mutual respect.

Cheap hope is vapid and counterfeit while the truth is often based on uncertainty and ambiguity.

Unitarian Universalists don't have much to offer a world looking for simple fixes and reassurance. This often takes the form of us believers versus you unbeliever evil doers.

The psychological fact is that this dualism while based on an instinct for self preservation does not serve us as a planet well. It is time for a new consciousness that is based on respect for plurality and mutual caring, compassion, and support.

It seems to me that only Unitarian Universalism offers this as well as authentic mysticism.

It is a tough sell, but one of integrity which is the best way to ultimately save human kind from ourselves.

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