Sunday, November 29, 2009

Advent - What are you waiting for?

In the Christian calendar 11/29/09 is the first Sunday of Advent. This season of advent is a time of waiting. What are you waiting for? The Winter Solstice? Santa? Baby Jesus? A New Year? Presents? For the holidays to be over?

My answer is "We are the ones we are waiting for" to steal a title from Alice Walker's book who stole the phrase from June Jordon, the poet.

If we are the ones we are waiting for what do we have to offer each other?

Ron opens the church on Sunday mornings and turns on the lights and heat, and starts the coffee and waits for us to show up for church.

Bonnie waits for the service to start to play the beautiful, ethereal dulcimer and the piano.

Don waits for the offertory and makes his rounds waiting for us to contribute our financial resources for the support of the church.

Ron waits for Don to give him the money so he can pay the bills.

Don and Penny and Karen waits for the kids so they can hold Sunday School.

Jean comes with the announcements for the preacher waiting to tell us all what is coming up in the next few weeks.

Peggy waits for Jean to give her the news so she can put it in the newsletter, and David puts some of it on the web site.

Whoever signed up for refreshments for the coffee hour waits for the service to be over til we all come into the meeting room to meet and greet and eat.

And I wait for Joys and Sorrows to hear what is going on in my fellow church friends lives. I am waiting to hear from Doug, and Jolene, and Mark, and Deborah, and Travis, and Kristen, and especially from Evelyn and Jackson and Tyler and Tyler and Ben and Susan and Sandra and Peter and Katie and Stacy and to see lovely Peg oldest regular church attender and so many others whom I do not know the names of but who are just as important.

And next Sunday, 12/06/09, we are waiting to hear Rev. Meeker.

You my friends, all of you, are the ones I am waiting for. I am waiting for peace on earth, and good will to all humans and life forms, and a sense of justice, compassion, and equity. I think we have learned that there is no supernatural savior who will save us. The saving grace is us and we have to do the work and take care of each other. We will save our world............or maybe not. I will try my best to root out the evil in my heart and make the world a better place. However, I know that I cannot give what I don't have. I cannot share what I don't possess. And there are days when I am filled with lust, hate, envy, jeaousy, greed, and fear. This advent I am hoping for peace of mind and a kind heart.

I saw a sign one time on a church's street sign. It said, "You, too, can hear the angels sing if you tune into the right frquency."

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