Sunday, January 3, 2010

God became human so that humans can become God

"He came to the world to give us Himself. To show us the Way toward our salvation," he replied as we resumed our walking. "Don't you remember what Athanasios the Great said? "God became human so that humans may become God?"

Kyriacos Markides, The Mountain Of Silence, p.117

There are many interpretations of the Christian story, and it seems that the key to the story is that God became human.

And what was God's intention in becoming human? Most would say "to save us from our sins." But this is not what the mystics say. They say that God became human to show humans how to become one with God.

Catholics get this and have a long tradition of mysticism most of which is hidden and dormant but supercharging the faith for centuries. Protestantism has killed mysticism. There are very few Protestant mystics although William Ellery Channing and the trancendentalists may be examples. Is the tradition dead in contemporary times? How does Unitarian Universalism keep it alive?

I have found it hidden in various places in Unitarian Universalism usually in the hypehnated UU places like Christian UUs and Buddhist UUs. If you have found it places will you share your discoveries?

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