Friday, January 29, 2010

Moral Deficit Disorder - The Presidents of the United States

It is interesting how President Obama has declared a budget freeze on Domestic Progams after spending trillions of dollars on two immoral wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and billions and billions of unaccounted for money going to bail out the elites who run the big investment banks who scammed and conned American homeowners.

How is it that we have trillions and billions of dollars for wars and for the elites and nothing for the protecting the environment, schools and education, health care, care for our aged, etc.?

It makes me wonder what the true values are of President Obama and his administration? Are they so morally blind that they cannot see the poor, hungry, sick, unemployed, and desperately suffering in this country? He talks a good game, one much better than he is playing. It is this disconnect between the rhetoric and the practice that has made me and millions of other Americans angry, cynical, and disenchanted with whole democratic vision when the country is sold out to miliatry and financial corporate interests. This my friends is fascism. It has seeped into the fabric of our democracy and working class and lower class Americans are held hostage to it with 1 in 5 now saying that they could not buy enough food in the last month, 1 in 8 on foodstamps, and 48 million with no health care. The average literacy level of Americans is now at a 4th grade level. No Child Left Behind is a big joke because not only are America's children being left behind compared to other countries but increasingly they are being left behind hungry, sick, and improverished.

How is it that the Pentagon is exempt from the freeze? The bailout of the banks will continue in backroom deals cooked by Geithner, Bernacke and their buddies?

Something is sick in America with the Supreme Court turning our democracy over to the corporations to run as they see fit for profit.

Like Diogones, I am wandering the world looking for an honest person. I am not finding any these days unless I look in the mirror, and I know, like Martin Luther King, Jr. did that any person who would truly speak his/her mind will be crushed by the elites who do not give their power up lightly.

Jesus had it right though when he told the rich young man that if he would follow Him he would have to sell everything he owns, give the money to the poor, and then come follow Him. The rich young man looked sad and turned away. He couldn't give up his toys, his Money Markets, his K Street Lobbying job with the Pharmaceutical company, especially after he has positioned himself to become the next Director of FDA.

Unitarian Universalists supposedly have different values but we a very small and anemic voice in a land overrun with greed, avarice, militarism, elitism, and fascism.

I hope that you will take your UU values seriously and stand up, not step aside.

Obama is doing a terrible job and to announce in the State of the Union address that there will be a budget freeze which will hit working Americans the hardest while the elites and the war mongers go their merry way strikes me as grotesque and hugely immoral.

Our nation has lost its way. The President provides no coherent narrative to inspire hope for the future. Torture is still going on in "dark sites" and Guantanomo, and in ICE detention centers. Americans can now be assassinated for "siding with the enemy" who are whoever our government says they are. According to President Obama we are out of money because we gave it all away to the elites and the war mongers so now domestic programs serving the working class American will suffer. Everyday Americans will have to bear the brunt of the expense of Imperial wars and incompetent bankers who got so big in their britches that they cannot be allowed to fail.

This President in his first year has demonstrated that he does not have the will or the power to live up to the promises he made and the values he espoused. It is up to us as people of faith to hold him and our other politicians accountable for honest, decent, equitable, and compassionate policies. How to do this, I am not sure, because we just lost our power in elections to the corporations. Some other revolutionary approach outside the ballot box will have to be taken since the ballot box no longer works for the average American. I would guess and hope that the revolution will take the form of nonviolent civil disobedience. Better and more representative government is what we, the people of the United States, and the people around the world deserve. To be sold out to corporatons who have the power and money to rig the game is to perpetrate hypocrisy of the highest order.

Jesus said to be "in the world", but not, "of the world." As Unitarian Universalists we recognize that there is higher law than human law which we name as the "interdependent web of existence". To despoil our Mother Earth, and kill our brothers and sisters and torture them, to disregard the health and well being of our fellow citizens and people around the world for corporate profit and to assist the elites in maintaining their hegemony is morally blind. America has lost her way if you listen to its politicians and elites. It is time for Unitarian Universalists and all people of good faith to step up and say enought with the profiteering and banking scams. Let's take care of one another in justice, and love. This strikes me as a new and thrilling idea, something that President Obama hasn't seemed to be able to find his way to do.

I think economic boycotts might be something to seriously consider. Other nonviolent civil disobedience protests may be something to seriously consider too. People are becoming desperate and fed up enough that the time may be quickly approaching when well meaning people seeking justice and economic security start taking it to the streets. The question is whether Unitarian Universalists and other people of faith have the guts to step up or will they continue to step aside and let the country continue to slide into corporately run militarized imperialism?

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