Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Kiind Of Church Music - No No Keshagesh, Buffy Sainte-Marie

Video lasts 3:49. Great song!

No respect for the interdependent web of existence......... NO MORE! Can't do that NO MORE!


  1. Buffie Sainte. Marie performed in Montreal in early October 2009. I had hoped to see her but "life got in the way" as they say. I am partial to StarWalker being a bit of a straight talker myself, albeit a sometimes somewhat ConvolU*Uted one. ;-)

    That pun wasn't intended but it works. . .

    What pun U*Us ask?

    Well it's a bit of an "in joke", and you do have to be bi*cultural and *moderately* insane aka a geniU*Us like yours trU*Ul, butt the word "lute" means 'fight' in French and I did bring my ongoing fight against U*U injustices abuses and hypocrisy to the UUMA Convo in Ottawa in November last year.

    ConvolU*Ute = Convo fight

    Now back to my cryptic crossword puzzle. :-)

  2. Obviously I meant to say yours trU*Uly