Monday, February 22, 2010

"And don't forget - forever is always now."

Josh Baran

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  1. Don't worry I certainly won't forget *that* David.

    "Forever" is certainly still *now* when it comes to the UUA's dismissive, incompetent, negligent, and effectively complicit responses to all kinds of clergy misconduct complaints against "less than perfect" Unitarian*Universalist ministers, including but by no means limited to clergy sexual misconduct. . .

    For the broken U*U record, UUA President Peter Morales has failed (more probably refused. . .) to provide so much as an acknowledgment of receipt for the "electronic communication" aka email that I sent him on Groundhog Day 2010 asking him to stand on the side of love for victims of UU clergy misconduct of all kinds during the first observance of "National Standing On The Side Of Love Day" and to take steps to ensure that the UUA finally gets around to providing some real and tangible restorative justice for ALL victims of UU clergy misconduct.

    Why is it that it seems to be taking *forever* for the UUA to actually live up to aka *honor* and uphold the "pledge" it made in its official apology to victims of clergy sexual misconduct almost a decade ago? Why can't the UUA actually practice what it preaches about justice, equity, and compassion in human relations instead of repeatedly making a total mockery of this and other U*U principles and ideals?

    Since you have expressed an interest in knowing more about UU clergy sexual misconduct in the past David I will bring your attention to this new UU Safety Net website which I have little reason to doubt came into being as a direct result of the UUA`s ongoing negligent and inadequate responses to clergy sexual misconduct committed by "less than perpect" UU ministers.