Monday, February 22, 2010

Morning meditation - God is with you. Go in peace

The young monk asked the Master, "How can I ever get emancipated?"

The Master answered, "Who has ever put you in bondage?"

A great question isn't it?

First, our parents.

Second, our teachers.

Third, the media.

Fourth, our peers.

Fifth, our local, state, and national governments.

Sixth, our church.

Seventh, ourselves who believe and take to heart all the nonsense we have been conditioned by from our parents, teachers, media, peers, government, and church.

We become emancipated when we start listening to God, our Higher Power, whatever you conceive that Higher Power to be.

We become emancipated when we become true to ourselves, we no longer are living at cross purposes trying to be someone we're not to please other people.

Approval is a drug and some of us are highly addicted needing approval from others to survive. We loose touch with our own souls. We forget who we are.

I am a child of God, a child of the universe. I am blessed to be here if I can be free from the social scorn, oppression, subjugation, ridicule, abuse, rejection, and ultimately abandonment.

Our biggest fears as human beings, build into us neurologically, are the fears of falling and abandonment.

Emancipation, enlightenment, cannot occur until we free ourselves from the fears of abandonment.

God is with you. Go in peace.


  1. You're missing the masters point - we are not in bondage. We do not need emancipation. All that we need to do is awaken to this reality.


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