Monday, March 1, 2010

Bible Study - Fun and games with the 10 Plagues of Exodus

"Search 'Ten Plagues' on the Internet. The first site that comes up contians a series of suggestions for 'fun activities' connected with the plagues. For example, the plague of blood might be represented by putting red food coloring in water glasees, the bathroom sinks, even the dog's water bowl. Cut out frogs from green construction paper ("bend the legs to make the frogs look as if they are jumping"), and put them everywhere - in the drawers, the cereal boxes, the shower. White dots punched from paper and Scotch-taped to the skin will eventually approximate the itching and irritation of lice. Do the same with red dots, and you've got boils. Putting ice cubes around the house will remind you of hail. Cover the windows and turn out the lights and presto! the plague of darkness. I'm hardly beathing as I scroll down to find out how we will reenact the killing of the firstborn. The answer, it seems, is obvious. Red ribbon taked to the font door will warn the avenging angel to move past without stopping. 'When the neighors - who doubtless will be curious by now - ask what the ribbon is for, you can witness to them!'

Francine Prose, Exodus, Killing The Buddha p.35-36

Of course now a days, you could find a video game which would create a virtual community in which you can kill the first born of the neighbors and have a voice over of God laughing.

People worry now a days about rating movies, TV, video games, and songs PG or PG-13 but there is nothing more pornographic and violent than the Talmud, the Old Testament, of the Bible.

Is it any wonder that the world is in the mess it is with this passing for the revealed word of God and "sacred" scripture?

Unitarian Universalists who are on the free and responsible search for truth and meaning have got to be taken back by the violence, the malicious, sadistic torture which God perpetrates on the recalcitrant Egyptians. Next to God's plagues, waterboarding looks like a day in the park. Dick Cheney and the guy's at the CIA are nothing compared to the God of the Israelites.

Encouraging children to emulate a sadistic God in playing in these "fun activities" seems somehow blasphemous to the God I believe in. This is a real disservice to the idea of the Brotherhood of Man and the oneness of all of God's creation.

As Unitarian Universalists we value the interdependent web of all existence which seems to be more than the God of Exodus does.

This is article #10 in a series on Bible Study.

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