Friday, March 19, 2010

Only 3 in one thousand Americans say that they are Unitarian Universalists

Statistics have been released by Pew Research on the denominational affiliation of Americans. It appears that only. 0.3 percent Americans identify themselves as Unitarian Universalists, that's 3 in a thousand. You can read more about this topic at the Philocrites web site.


  1. It should be noted that the number of U.S. adults who identify themselves as Unitarian*Universalists aka U*Us in the census data is about four times the actual adult membership in U*U churches. In real terms card-carrying adult U*Us make up a much lower percentage of adult Americans.

    Here's something that Unitarian*Universalists might want to wrap their minds around before they get *too* puffed up about being "The Religion For Our Time". There are probably more Roman Catholic priests in the world than card-carrying adult Unitarian*Universalists. . .

  2. Thanks for this post; it moved me to revisit the Pew Report (

    There's a lot to chew on. The thing that caught my eye is on page 96. It shows the male:female ratio of those identifying as UU's or other liberal traditions as being 54:46. Our adult attendance is more like 40:60. This suggests to me that those non-attenders who identify as UUs are disproportionately male.