Monday, May 17, 2010

Is Peter Morales illegal? Should he resign?

Would a guy with a name like Peter Morales be suspicious of being illegal in Arizona and 7 other states considering anti-immigrant laws similar to Arizona?


Do we know where Peter Morales was born? Has anyone seen his birth certificate?

Is Peter Morales, the President of the UUA, illegal?

I want the board of the UUA to demand documentation of anyone who looks Hispanic or has a Hispanic surname so that the GA scheduled for 2012 in Arizona will not be subject to suspicion, derision, and disdain.

Only blue eyed, blond haired, European, (white ones) will be welcome at the GA in 2012 because we don't want the cops patrolling our convention center and detaining, interrogating, arresting, and maybe deporting people. It could be very intimidating and unpleasant for the non Hispanic UUs who will be there.

I suppose the UUA could move the GA but the UUA would loose over 600K and we can't be loosing that kind of money over a few Hispanics who shouldn't be among us anyway. They should go back to Mexico or Central America or wherever they and their families came from.

Thank God we have people like Sheriff Arpaio and Gov. Jan Brewer who are cleaning up our country and restoring it to its former pristine glory of white privilege.

It's time that we take back America, the America we know and love, and the UUA which we know and love founded by Europeans for Europeans. How did we ever let those Mexicans sneak in, let alone, elect them to Association office?

I think it's time for the UUA to clean house and restore it to its fundamental stature when only white males could be President. It has gone to far electing a black president, and now a possibly illegal Hispanic? What's next, a woman?

The way I look at it you're either for us or against us. It's us against them and we need to protect our heritage for ourselves and for our posterity. This country has been going down the drain for some time and it's time we take it back.

Peter Morales should resign before he brings more shame and suspicion on the UUA.

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