Monday, June 7, 2010

Morning meditation - Looking upwardly inward

"The East understands that the word 'enlightenment' has nothing to do with genius, has nothing to do with intelligence; it has something to do with discovering your real, authentic being. It is discovering God within you.

On the vertical line there is love, no law. There is the growing experience of becoming more and more spiritual and less and less physical, more and more meditative and less and less mind, more and more divine and less and less this trivial, material world in which we are so much enmeshed. On the vertical line, slowly you feel desires disappearing, sensuality disappearing, sexuality disappearing, ambitions disappearing, will to power disappearing, your slavery in all its aspects - religious, political, national - disappearing. You care becoming more an individual, and with your individuality growing clear and luminous, the whole of humanity is becoming one in your eyes - you cannot discriminate."


There comes a point in one's life where a person can't be bothered by the small stuff any more. There are so many things to sap one's energy. So many emotional vampires that want to suck and drain the energy right out of you.

I put my attention on other things. I look upwardly inward if that makes sense. I pay attention and watch my own mind, my own emotions, my own behaviors, and I am amused.

I laugh constantly at myself these days and the incongruities and absurdities of life. When distress arises, I say, "I know, I know. It will be okay. Been there, down that."

As Kurt Vonnegut, that great Unitarian Universalist frequently said, "And so it goes."


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