Saturday, June 12, 2010

Who's your God?

Who's your God and what do you suppose that says about you?

Who is the God of the Unitarian Universalists?

Who or what is the God of the Atheistic UUs? Science.


  1. Who is what is my god? I don't know. Perhaps UUs are existensialists. We want there to be a god for us, but we are not going to invent one.

  2. I am a non-theist. It's not a belief but a conclusion.

  3. The god you assume U.U.s have or want is/was created by you, not the other way round. Science is not god. Science can sometimes be used to explain phenomena ( and other mysteries) delusional humans often attribute to their various gods. Atheists do not worship science. They are able, albeit not always contentedly, to deal with uncertainty, ambiguity and independence. They cope with life on their own, and live fulfilling, creative, joyful lives without having to create a magical all-powerful creator-wizard-judge.

  4. Science is often TREATED as a god by non-theistic UUs. Take it from someone who has traveled to many UU churches in Florida and led services talking about paganism, and hearing people ask my boyfriend Joe (who is a Scandinavian polytheistic UU and definitely a believer in his Gods, and who most specifically is pleged fulltrui or "fully faithful" to Odin) why he chooses to carry all that baggage with him - the baggage being belief in the Aesir and Asynjur (Gods & Goddesses).

    Do atheists worship science? I say they DO and they just aren't willing to admit to it. Why do I say this? Because the word "worship" means "to give worth." It is from an old Anglo-Saxon word "weorthscipe" which described giving something its worth or due. The word "worship" has a lot of scope indeed, more than most people realize.

    Oh, and the Vikings didn't have horned helmets. So the pic of Asa-Thor with a winged helm is a the mark, shall we say. :)

    If we (Joe & myself) walk with the old Scandinavian holy powers, what does that say about us? Well...

    For those who walk with Odin, knowledge is what they value and seek.

    For those who walk with Freyr, fertility of the land is what they value.

    For those who walk with Frigga, the hearth and home and social order is what they value.

    For those who walk with Thor, they value protection and the power to build.

    For those who walk with Bragi, they are artists and very creative.

    For those who walk with Freyja, they value beauty and sensuality and conflict resolution (not necessarily war).

    Et cetera.


    Happy Saturday!

  5. Sorry, this is nonsense. If you want to imagine Gods who interact with humans on earth you have every right to do so. But just because you believe in them does not make them so. Astrology, homeopathy, numerology, all sorts of nonsense have been invoked to make meaning for those incapable of accepting existence is is mostly random circumstance. If it weren't religion, your delusional beliefs would be considered mental illness. Indeed, I maintain it is, only sanctioned mental illness. Science is not a god, and one studies science, not worship it.

  6. I can’t speak for all atheists, but in my view, science is not god. Science is a powerful tool that can help us live better lives and reduce suffering. (And some would argue that science has accomplished far more toward this end than religion ever will.) So, the question you pose is an impossible construction, for the simple fact that we atheists don’t have gods. It’s liking asking, “What sort of cutlery do your socks have?”

    If atheists worship anything, the target of that worship is humanity. We look to each other for “salvation,” we look to each other to invest our lives with meaning, we look to each other to ease suffering, and it’s to each other that we offer thanks. (All of which strikes me as a more loving, compassionate and sustainable stance than presuming the involvement of gods.)

    Human existence is a wondrous, shimmering thing. Any divine beings and/or religious mythologies we cook up pale in comparison to the stunning reality of our lives here on this planet.