Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sadness of 09/11/10 marked by lack of spiritual awareness

Everybody is talking and thinking and reflecting on the meaning of 9/11/01. It has been nine years and we have learned so little. We still have wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and a wrecked economy from greed and corporatist control of our culture.

What America needs more than anything is repentance and yet nobody in a leadership position has the moral courage to say sincerely, "I'm sorry. We're sorry for what we as Americans have done to the world."

The question "Why do they hate us?" has never been seriously answered although it deserves to be. Maybe if we had some sort of reasonable answer to that question by someone in a national office, we, as a country, could take the first step toward healing. But never naming the sins we cannot be forgiven and so we continue to rant and rave and attack and gnash our teeth blaming innocent Muslims for crimes they no more committed than crimes that most Americans are accused of because our government has done terrible things in our name.

The appalling observation for me is that so few people get this and the voices which would articulate such sentiments are easily marginalized and silenced with words such as traitor.

America is often cited as being a very religious county but it is not spiritual. It is religious only when a perverted sense of religion serves a political or secular purpose, other wise religion is easily abandoned and spirituality is most anemic.

After 9 years America has learned very little about itself and the role it plays on the planet. It is this lack of awareness which marks the sadness of this day.


  1. Americans are narcissistic and don't understand their own impact on the world. They think because they have money they are better than other people.

    As compared to Europeans and other first world countries, Americans are Neanderthals the way they treat each other. It's dog eat dog and they not only see nothing wrong with this, they are proud of it. There is something deeply flawed in the American character and it will be the undoing of them.

  2. I can't agree with what you have said here. I don't see it as America being the cause of what happened on 9/11. The radicals who carried out the attack were going after us because of our way of life. They don't like our freedom. They are brainwashed into believing that the only way to live is by the Koran. Is that what you believe? I don't have any shame in being an American or feel the need to apologize for it.
    Yes, there are a lot of things that need to be addressed about what direction the country is going as a whole. We need to find our moral compass and fast.

    And Anonymous, I DON'T want to be a European. They are pretty screwed up also and the Muslims are slowly taking over their countries.