Saturday, November 27, 2010

Feminist Theology 101 on Interfaith Voices

Yesterday I listened to the Interfaith Voices's show on Feminist Theology 101. It only lasts about 25 minutes but is worth the listen. Maureen Fiedler, the show's host, interviews Mary Hunt, a Christian Theologian, and Judith Plaskow, a Jewish Theologian.

One of the interesting things I learned was the two accounts of the creation of the female in Genesis. The first attempt by God was the creation of Lilith, and the second attempt was the creation of Eve. Eve has captured the imagination of the West, but in the Jewish tradition, the creation of Lilith is acknowledged. You can learn more about these two female creations by clicking here.

You can access the show by clicking here.

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  1. Why are women's brains cheaper than men's?

    Because they are used.

    Ka boom!