Sunday, November 7, 2010

Media Literacy presentation at BUUF

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  1. I was dissapointed that only 6 people attended the presentation which was excellent. We had a very good discussion and a great deal of important information was shared. With Wendell Potter's new book out, Deadly Spin, in which he describes the activities of the health insurance corporations to kill health care reform, and attack Michael Moore, it is an imporant topic everyone should be informed about. We are lied to constantly by those who would exploit us for their own ends.

    It says in Micah 3:3-12

    "Leaders of Jacob and rulers of Israel, listen to me, you who hate fairness and twist what is right. You build Jerusalem by murdering people; you build it with evil. It's judges take money to decide who wins in court. It's priests only teach for pay, and its prophets only look into the future when they get paid.

    But they lean on the Lord and say, 'The Lord is here with us, so nothing bad will happen to us.'

    Because of you, Jerusalem will be plowed like a field. The city will become a pile of rocks, and the hill on which the Temple stands will be covered with bushes."

    Unitarian Universalists are called by the Spirit of Life to work for justice, equity, and compassion in human relations, something which all too often the marketers eschew for profit.

    Will you educate yourself and educate others to what the negative impact of marketing spin is on our lives? It is often toxic and we deny it, and avoid it, and tolerate it, at our peril.