Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Quote of the day

Thoreau's metaphor "nearer the shoes of spring" has stuck with me. I found myself sharing this idea with a friend yesterday. At this time of year in the Northeast people are getting sick of winter and yearn for warmer weather. Mid February and March is when we mental heatlh professionals see an increase of depression of the Seasonal Affective Disorder variety and an increase in suicides. This season can be every heard on people with a disposition toward depression. They are in my thoughts and prayers and an object of my humble psychotherapeutic ministrations. Looking over the seasonal horizon and spotting the shores of spring begins to give us some hope of positive change. Things will get better. All you have to do is wait a few weeks. Patience, friend, patience. Let nature take her course. All will be well. Live through this dark time because better days are ahead!

David Markham, 02/08/11, on Boston Unitarian

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