Saturday, March 5, 2011

Who and/or what is your God?

What matters most to you?

What matters most to me in life is _________________________________________.

Rev. Kate Braestrup writes in her book, Marriage and Other Acts of Charity, that whatever you filled in that blank is your God.

For a heroin addict what matters most in his life is heroin. For some parents it would be their children, etc.

In her book, Everyday Dharma, Lama Willa Miller suggests that you observe your thoughts and desires for a day and keep track of what matters most to you as you reflect on your thoughts during the course of the day.

What matters most to me in my life is keeping my life on track. I can tell when I wander. Being on track is my understanding of who it is God wants me to be becoming, and what it is God wants me to be doing with my life. As St. Paul says, "If God is with you, who can be against you?" God and I are a dynamic duo. The challenge for me is to stay in sync with what deep down in my heart I believe God wants me to be doing.

God often puts interesting, challenging, and from my perspective, unwanted and undesirable things in my path, and yet I find myself increasingly as I get older surrendering to God's will. Like Moses, like Jesus, I take a close look at what I think God is asking of me, and when it seems authentic, I surrender into doing it.

What matters most to you? Who is it that Life is calling you to become, and what is it that Life is asking you to do with yourself during your time here on earth? Do you have a sense of that? Are you living your life authentically and intentionally?

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