Friday, May 11, 2012

And so it goes

A devout Christian was arguing with a UU about the existence of God. He said, "Ok, just prove there is no God." The UU quipped, "You can't prove there is no God - you have take it on faith."

The former President of the UUA, John Buehrens, is said to have asked people who stated they were atheists "What god is it that you don't believe in?"

The questions about the "ultimate" have plagued human kind since self awareness arose in the minds of humans and there are no empirical answers to these ultimate questions except for the time a 6 year old child was drawing a picture of god in his UU Sunday school class. The teacher told the child, "Honey, no one knows what god looks like." The child answered, "They will when I'm done with my picture."

Unitarian Universalism encourages people to conjure up any God they desire or don't desire. Unitarian Universalism is a very tolerant religion that has no creed or dogma. UUs are fond of saying, "Don't let your karma run over your dogma."

I have been told that God is a verb and Neale Donald Walsch says that when you want to talk about "God" use the word "Life" instead. Maybe Luke Skywalker of Star Wars fame had it best when he talked reverently about "the force".

The Monk said to the hot dog vendor "Make me one with everything." and handed the vendor a $5.00 bill for a $2.00 hot dog. When the Monk complained to the vendor about not getting his $3.00 change, the vendor said, "Dear Monk you should know better than anyone that change comes from within." The Monk replied "If God truly is within I hope he likes hot dogs with onions and hot spicy mustard."

As Kurt Vonnegut was fond of saying, "And so it goes..............................."

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