Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Kind Of Church Music, All You Need Is Love by the Beatles

After the article appeared on UUAWOL about the idea that one of the reasons that UU congregations are so small is because of the lack of hierarchical oversight, a friend sent me an email saying "If you espouse to the challenge of ".... love your neighbor as you love yourself" there does not seem to be a need for a centralized "Accreditation Oversight Hierarchy." I appreciated his message and here is my response:

"For fully aware, enlightened human beings love, as the Beatles sang, is all ya need. But for the rest of us, until we arrive at that lofty level of consciousness, we need the law.

Martin Luther King, Jr. said he never tried to change the attitude of the racist, he just wanted the law to compel them to act right.

If UU churches were well run we would not need regulations and standards of accreditation, but alas, human beings are imperfect and egocentric, and most of us need some help to do the right thing."

So in a perfect world toward which we all are striving, the Beatles have it right. In A Course In Miracles, it is called At-One-Ment which is as Marianne Williams describes it "When everyone loves everyone all the time." We aren't there yet but it is a mighty goal to strive for. In the meantime those among us who are enlightened are already living in the Atonement, but the rest of us schmucks still need some socially constructed standards which are called regulations, ethics, laws, morals, etiquette and good manners.

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  1. Fantastic Post Sir Dave... seeking 'At-One-Ment' is indeed a lofty but necessary goal. I'm in agreement with the need for manners, laws, and standards to live by. Sadly, there will always be a percentage of Soulless people mucking it up for us regular schmucks.

    In Rhythm,
    Jeff Mann

  2. Organizing Unitarian Universalists is like herding cats. Their anarchistic bent prevents them from working together in a disciplined way and so they do is schizimate all the time.