Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Who is this son or daughter I cannot explain?

"She is my daughter, or she was before she grew into this person I cannot explain - I, who offer mitigating explanation for every member of my family - ..."

Linda McCullough Moore, "On My Way Now", The Sun Magazine, April, 2014, p.18

Indeed, who are these children we have raised who have become adults we do not know and who go their own way sometimes attacking us with resentments of what we did or didn't do. They haven't learned yet that imperfection is a common human affliction but it will come with time and we can hope that by the end of our lives we will have found the courage and faith to forgive ourselves and them and this whole sorry, weary world which has led us astray from appreciation of the transcendent mystery.

And our faith teaches us that in the end we are just a small part of the interdependent web of existence born out of the awesome power of Life, the ground of our being, and for which we could give thanks and praise if we can overcome the obstacles to the awareness of Love's presence. Our goal as Unitarian Universalists is not to get people into heaven, but heaven into people and forgiveness is the alchemy which turns coal into gold.

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