Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Thought for the day - Do we monitor our actions to fit our words?

"Again, we must monitor our actions to see that they fit our words. Should there not be a fit, our words will ring hollow." 

Rev. Marilyn Sewell referring to the practice of the first principle of Unitarian Universalism


  1. What Rev. Marilyn Sewell said applies to ALL Unitarian Universalist principles and other claimed ideals. Sadly, in my experience and observation which spans over two decades now, many if not most UUs, including many UU clergy and top level UUA leaders, abjectly fail and even obstinately refuse to make a reasonable effort to practice what UUism preaches. The hypocrisy of many UU "moral leaders" is truly shameful.

    In fact I just sent a new email to UUA Moderator Jim Key and the UUA Board Of Trustees reminding them of their ongoing refusal to responsibly monitor the immoral, unethical, and even borderline criminal actions of the Rev. Peter Morales UUA administration. It may be read here -


  2. Dear Robin:

    As you articulately describe, the UU leadership and ministerial corps leave a lot to be desired. Like clergy in any denomination there are some who are a scandal to the denomination and bring shame and sadness to the members of that denomination.

    So, it seems to me, Robin, that that state of affairs leaves it up to you and me and others who are more pure of heart to lead the way. The seven principles of Unitarian Universalism is an ideal and only approximated, if we try, in application to our daily living. It seems to me that your spiritual practice of holding the UUA and the ministerial staff accountable is admirable and fits with the second principle of "justice, equity, and compassion in human relations."

    It is clear in one of your videos with David Horan that UUs can be either part of the problem or part of the solution. Not doing anything about injustice when a person is aware of it can be seen as that person being complicit. I have spoken out as you know on behalf of your complaints and like you got nowhere. I am not surprised because organizations like to protect themselves and their salaried class.

    I do know that there is a danger in being judgmental and he/she without sin can throw the first stone as Jesus said.

    I often wonder what would happen if we devoted our engergies to building things up and letting the negative things go.....you know the other turn the other cheek thing that Jesus also spoke of? There is so much about Unitarian Universalism that I do like and am enthusiastic about affirming and promoting.

    At any rate, thanks for your good work and I wish you peace.