Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Thought For The Day - Follow me or worship me: What did Jesus really say?

"Jesus clearly taught the twelve disciples about surrender, the necessity of suffering, humility, servant leadership, and nonviolence. The men resisted him every time, and so he finally had to make the journey himself and tell them, “Follow me!” But we avoided that, too, by making the message into something he never said: “Worship me.” Worship of Jesus is rather harmless and risk-free; actually following Jesus changes everything."
Richard Rohr

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  1. I agree with Father Rohr that worshiping Jesus and following Jesus can be two entirely different things. If Jesus is God as the Trinitarians insist, He doesn't need human beings to worship Him, but He did come to teach us something and it seems like most of us have flunked His class and didn't learn the lessons He came to teach.


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