Friday, August 22, 2014

Fund raising opportunity selling David G. Markham publications books

August, 2014
Fund Raising Opportunity

David G. Markham publications has a fund raising opportunity for churches and other organizations which would like to sell DGMP books. Most of the DGMP books sell for $9.95 on If you or your organization would like to buy the books in quantities of 5 for $25.00 or 10 for $40.00 you or your organization can make almost $5.00 per book with the 5 book bundle or $6.00 per book with the 10 book bundle. That’s a profit of almost $25.00 for the 5 book bundled, or $60.00 for the 10 book bundle.

These books are beneficial for personal reflection, but lend themselves especially to book discussion groups, small group ministries, or the basis for adult education classes or workshops.

For more information and or to order books email me at or call me at 585-727-3663. New titles are being added every month. To view the current books available, search by the author’s name, David G. Markham on

Thank you for your attention and consideration of this opportunity to be of service in faith development, and to raise money in a very lucrative and beneficial way for you, your church, or other organization.

As of August, 2014 the books available are:

2 books in a series on the seven principles of Unitarian Universalism:


16 Reflections On The First Principle Of Unitarian Universalism: The Inherent Worth and Dignity Of Every Person


Justice, equity, and compassion in human relations: The Second Principle Of Unitarian Universalism

2 books based on critical readings of UU A Way Of Life Book Of The Month selections:

             God Revised, revised: The conversation continues by Galen            Guengerich

Critical Reading Of Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver: A Unitarian Universalist’s perspective.

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