Monday, August 11, 2014

God Revised, revised: the conversation continues - Reflection #1


  1. Very good Dave. Are you going to be doing a series of these? I see you doing one for each reflection. I bought your book and it is very helpful. I think people would love it for group discussion.

    Thanks again for your contribution to UU and making this material available.

    1. Dear Glen:

      Thank you for your suggestion about doing a class or series on the reflections in God Revised, revised. They will appear every Monday so next Monday will be a presentation on reflection #2.

      Thank you also for buying the book. Please help us spread the word so that other people know about its availability. We hope that is a seed of sorts that will facilitate a revival in the faith that will retain UUs and perhaps even attract and engage some of the "nones" out there who are looking for a church home.

      Thank you for your comments on the various posts on UU A Way Of Life. They are greatly appreciated by me and I would guess by other blog readers..


      David Markham

  2. One of the things you didn't mention in your talk but you mention in the book, (thanks by the way I bought a copy and its very good) is the fact that most religion is perpetuated by the purveyors of illusion like the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain. When Dorothy gets to Oz she realizes the myth and legend are just that and the Oz is nothing but an old guy behind a curtain pretending to be this godlike figure.

    Not everyone gets to the stage of faith development where they question the myths and legends and illusions perpetuated, but UUs have as you point out and there apparently a many more based on the Pew Religion survey of people saying that are spiritual but not religious. It would seem that Unitarian Universalism could be a good match for these "nones". Is the UUA or local congregations programing to attract these folks, and if they come are they being engaged, and if engaged are they retained with spiritually nourishing worship and education and uplift activities?

    UU is a tiny denomination to begin with and the fact that it continues to lose members indicates that it is not doing something right in the current culture. How could it be more of a service? I think it needs to do a better job of promoting its values in a deeper more substantive way.