Monday, August 4, 2014

Story of the day - What's with the Hummer?

Carl told his wife, Sally, that when he retired from the police force he was going to buy a Hummer.

"Why on earth, would you do that?" asked Sally. "Stick with the penis enlargement potion you bought from the internet. You don't need a Hummer to satisfy me."

Carl laughed, "Satisfying you is the last thing in the world I worry about, honey. It's the neighbors and the guys on the force I want to impress."

"With a Hummer?" Sally said incredulously.

"It's what they're in to," said Carl, "force, strength, power. Driving a Hummer is making a statement that I'm not washed up now that I am no longer on the force."

"What is this, Carl, a mid-life crisis?" asked Sally.

"Whatever," said Carl looking down no longer seeming so sure of himself.

"What do you think the people at church will say?" said, Sally. "I'll tell you right now, I'm not riding with you to church or anywhere with you in that thing."

1 comment:

  1. Human behavior is often hypocritical and contradictory. We say one thing and then do another. What to believe? Carl is giving up a position of authority, power, respect, and community status as he retires from the police force. His ego is suffering the loss of this attention and power. What does he do with his grief? He misguidedly attempts to retain this attention by buying an oversized, gas guzzling, awe inspiring vehicle desperately trying to hang on to respect of his former peers. His wife does not want to participate in this charade but there are plenty of women who would and I wonder if Carl and Sally are headed towards divorce?


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