Wednesday, February 25, 2015

How's lent going?

How is lent going? It's been a week, right?

Yes, Lent started last Wednesday which is a week ago today. It's on my mind every day, but I can't say that I've come up with a good way to celebrate it every day. I think of the interdependent web and how I can enhance it and I do do many things like feed the feral cats that live under my barn. They seem to appreciate it because they come running when I put the food and water out, but I notice one is pregnant again and I am left wondering if I am helping or just enabling a bad situation.

Feeding the cats is silly isn't it? Hardly what one might consider a spiritual practice, but then again I gave twenty bucks a piece to two college students who spent 15 minutes helping me get my car unstuck from the snow. They tried to beg off saying "you don't have to give us anything" but when I insisted they took it without any further resistance. I was a college student once, and twenty bucks might go a long way for these two good Samaritans.

I suppose there are other things too if I were pressed that I have done over the week, but I would do them anyway Lent or not.

Any way it continues to be on mind. I am mindful which is all the rage now.

What's going on for you?

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  1. Be in the now. Take it a day at a time. The temptations of the world are happening continually and being mindful so that you can be responsive and not reactive is a good way to live.