Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Suppose that we approach our fears with love?

Rev. Marlin Lavanhar, All Soul's Church, Tulsa, OK on 02/15/15 in a sermon entitled, "Ordinary problems".

You can watch the whole sermon by clicking here.

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  1. "Facing our fears with love makes a noble story of transformation" - Wow!

    Amen Rev. Lavanhar!

    This is what Jesus taught isn't it? He even told us to love our enemies. Talk about transformation. It's interesting how one of the favorite children's toy of the last couple of decades has been transformers. Are the kids on to something? They are mesmerised with becoming more powerful than they are and having special attributes. Do we tell them that as children of God they are already perfect or that they must do this or do that to become something "special?"

    Rev. Lavanhar seems to be saying that the path to transformation is slaying the dragons of our fears. How do we do that without the Love of God?