Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Turning UU ministers into entrepreneurs begs the question of what are they going to sell?

The UU Ministers Association has a new program they are calling "Entrepreneurial Ministry" apparently designed to help UUs package and market the product to gain more market share.

While packaging and marketing are important, even more important is the product they are intending to sell. Without a clear sense of mission and vision and values, the business will continue to fail as it has been.

Unitarian Universalism, as a religion not a "movement," is badly in need of renewal. If UU has answers to the major religious questions people struggle with in our contemporary times it would sell itself. The secularization of UU as a business enterprise is not going to work. This effort of turning ministers into entrepreneurs is gimmicky, catchy, and inspirational in a counterfeit kind of way. UU needs to go back to its roots and engage in a radical renewal.

Some say that people are spiritually hungry which the population attempts to satiate with identification to sports teams and getting caught up in political fundamentalism of various ilks. Jesus said to be "in" the world, but not "of" the world. Jesus was other worldly and we have been warned about not espousing idols or false prophets. Thinking that UU is a business that requires entrepreneurial" pitch men and women is to go down a road that distracts us from UUs core mission which is to save the world from its ego driven nature and bring one another home to Godfulness.

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