Sunday, August 27, 2017

Q&A about the Holy Spirit as a guide to compassionate action

These discussion questions refer to the article below entitled " Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in acting compassionately". Use this quiz for your own reflection or in your small group discussion group.


  1. I like your quiz. Made me think.

  2. I like your use of quizlet. Nice addition to the web site.

  3. Lot of good questions here that require some time to reflect and discuss. There is not just one way of doing things and whatever else might be said, it seems that David's approach was helpful. The main point seems to be that David turned his conversation over to the Holy Spirit and things went from there. Trying to "help" people without turning it over can turn into an ego trip and David seems aware enough not to have done this but gone another way in getting out of the way after giving Heather his attention which some people might call love (agape).


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