Sunday, September 24, 2017

Humility and the fourth principle of UU

The UU fourth principle, the free and responsible search for truth and meaning requires an open hearted willingness to accept the truth which our Higher Power shows us. It is very hard to give up control, to give up the feeling that "I know best." The worst position to adopt is the need to be right which involves winning over other people. Arguments, disagreements, debates no longer have as their goal finding the truth but winning. The need to win and dominate takes precedence over truth and relevant meaning.

One of the most important qualities for spiritual development is humility. Humility comes from the recognition that our lives are unmanageable and that we have to turn them over to our Higher Power whatever we conceive our Higher Power to be. All we need for spiritual growth is willingness and to give up our willfulness. Willingness and willfulness sound alike, look alike, and yet are diametrically opposed. Willingness is to turn our life over to God and then get out of the way.

Some people don't feel worthy to allow God to come into their lives. Their sense of unworthiness makes them think that they have to purify themselves, atone for their sins, clear their desires and motivations, and yet this way of thinking denies God's power in their lives. We just need to turn our will over to God's will for us. That's all. If we try to do more, it is coming from our arrogance and desire to control.

Letting go requires trust and faith. Jesus complained all the time, "Oh you of little faith! If you only knew how much your father in heaven loves you."

When we are making choices with existential import, we can ask ourselves, "What would Love have me do?" and then allow things to take that direction.

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  1. The ideas expressed here seem antithetical to what we are usually taught about making "good choices." The larger question is upon what are these "good choices" based. As Dr. Laura was fond of saying, "Doing good and feeling good can be two different things." We also know that what we want and what we need are two different things. Your point about humility is well taken. Thank you.


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