Saturday, September 9, 2017

UUs and Mother Nature

Frank, I am with you in spirit in supporting our brothers and sisters in Florida and yet there is part of me that finds myself feeling angry. It is known that behavior has consequences. Florida and Texas are red states that voted for Bush, Romney, and Trump. As Allen Frances writes in his new book, "Twilight Of American Sanity: A Psychiatrist Analyzes The Age Of Trump", Donald Trump is not the problem contributing to the problems in our contemporary society but the people who voted for him are as they chose him to unleash his destructive policies.Trump is a climate change denier who pulled us out of Paris Climate accord and has filled his cabinet with climate deniers and people like Rex Tillerson who has become rich promoting fossil fuels knowing full well the negative affect they have on CO2 and climate warming. 

The huge storms we are seeing now were predicted by climate scientists like James Hansen and others, and are no surprise but predicted. And yet the electorate lives in a delusional world which Mother Nature is now challenging with reality of what we have done to our Mother, the Earth. Al Gore told us this was happening in his documentary An Inconvenient Truth, and Florida and Texas went for Bush anyway. Then they went for Trump.  So now guess what? Their suffering will increase in part due to the damaging policies their elected officials have promulgated.

Jesus said as He was being killed on the cross, "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do." And, without being at all condescending and patronizing we can pray for the poor citizens of Texas and Florida who voted for representatives who don't have their best long term interests at heart, forgive them father for they know not what kind of demons they have allowed their governmental officials to unleash with their misguided policies.

My heart goes out to the suffering, but I also hope that they learn from their suffering and change their hearts in the direction of healing our planet for the benefit of human kind and Mother Nature. This means at the macro level joining together to promote policies that ameliorate, not destroy, and  benefit the majority of the earth's inhabitants not just the 1%. In a democracy, our vote in the ballot box has long term ramifications and we are seeing our past voting decisions contributing to perverse policy development play out in contributing to political decisions with harmful consequences.

We have a lot to offer as UUs helping our collective psyche to identify its self destructive beliefs and behaviors in the service of acting together to benefit all of human kind. To identify the societal forces that contribute to delusional behavior of the majority can be a focus of our work. Without being sarcastic or mocking I would like to ask the citizens of Texas and Florida who championed de-regulation, drilling, pipelines, cheap fossil fuel, putting coal miners back to work, etc. how is that "Make America Great Again" thing working for ya?

Reality has many definitions but one of the most important is the empirical one of natural law. What we, as humans, think and believe is not as influential a factor on life as what Mother Nature actually has happen. So in evaluating the truth of our beliefs and opinions we should put the biggest weight on "How is that working for you?" Climate change denial, and policies and behavior destructive to the environment on our planet, while beneficial to some in the short run, have dire consequences in the long run. The question to monitor is, "Will the hurricane damage in Texas and Florida change the voting behavior of those suffering in the red states?" Mother Nature is a consistent and dependable teacher which leaves an observer to wonder how long does it take for some people to learn?

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  1. Back when we were an agricultural society people were more connected to Natural Laws. Reality was not what you think but what works and Mother Nature is a great accountant. As we have become more alienated from natural processes people think their beliefs and opinions should be equally respected with everyone else's. This idea which led to Steven Colbert doing his satire on "Truthiness" and Karl Rove saying that truth is whatever people in power says it is have become commonly held delusional beliefs in American society in our postmodern age. The more intense huricanes is a result of warmer oceans and the occeans are warmer due to CO2 emissions which are for the most human made. We need to educate and act before things get worse.

  2. It should be said ignorance is only bliss until reality catches up with you and you get hurt. People who believed Donald Trump's lies and/or found him amusing will pay for not only playing along with the nonsense but aiding and abetting it. As our criminal justice system in the U.S. tells us, ignorance of the laws is not defense. That pertains to natural laws as well.

  3. It is interesting how the majority of Americans were seduced by the Pied Piper of American fascism. Observing this phenomenon occur in this age in our country helps me understand how it happened in Europe in the 30s with the rise of Nazism in Germany. When a presidential candidate can brag that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue in New York City and people would still vote for him and then get elected President, the United States has demonstrated the depth of its spiritual dysfunction.


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