Saturday, November 4, 2017

Question of the day?

What is the beloved community? How do we work with others to create it?

Editor's note:
Today, 11/04/17, we are starting a new feature on UU A Way Of Life entitled "Question of the day." As has been said, "We can't find the right answer if we don't ask the right questions." One of the six grounding virtues of the Civil Conversations project is "words that matter." Finding the right words can make a big difference in our conversations with people and the rapport we build. Finding the right words to ask the right questions in a spirit of curiosity which contributes to generous listening can create a "holy instant" of connection in which we are transported into a perfect moment of heaven on earth.


  1. The beloved community requires an openness to others different from one's own tribe. It requires curiosity and radical hospitality which is welcoming the people who frighten us.

  2. The Beloved Community will be achieved when everybody loves everybody all the time. We are making progress and there is a way yet to go.