Thursday, December 7, 2017

First week of advent - Thursday

As we prepare for the remembrance of the divine in the world in the myth of a fragile baby born to a teenage mother in a barn, we should also remember that we were all fragile babes at one time. Were it not for the protection, care, and nurturance of others we would not be reading this article right now. In considering this we become aware of our radical dependence on others without whom our lives would not have endured and blossomed.

Advent is a time, as we reflect on our radical dependence, of enormous gratitude to others. The best expression and manifestation of this gratitude is in sharing what we have with others. We give our gifts whether they are physical objects, psychological attention and comfort, spiritual hope and blessings.

This blog is a gift to you, freely given because of what we have received, hopefully full of spiritual hope and blessings. Pass it on if you like or not. You undoubtedly have gifts of your own to share.

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  1. I like this blog very much and appreciate all the time and effort that is put into it. Thank you!